Quasar v3.6 Release Notes


3.6 is primarily a bugfix and usability enhancements release.


UI Improvements


  • A number of settings now have predefined selection options. Settings with predefined options now have select-comboboxes or list-of-checkboxes UIs instead of freeform text entry.
  • CSV Export fixed – export feature is now proof against missing/broken settings cookies.
  • Table display fixes – paths for table-settings cookies adjusted to match production installs.


Results DB FULL/Limited Handling


  • Intake now handles DATABASE FULL conditions more efficiently (discards data rather than logging many errors).
  • Intake data-insertion errors are more effectively sanitized if logging to disk. Error messages are also now run through the PAN truncator for extra safety.
  • Added “abort_job_on_db_full” server-side setting, if enabled, the server will abort any running jobs if a DATABASE FULL condition occurs.
  • Intake database-insert system is now more efficient under load.
  • Misc error-handling fixes – now more robust under error conditions.




  • New setting: “max_hits_per_file” – caps the number of hits that can be emitted from any one file. If it is enabled, processing will stop short on a file if it’s number of hits exceed this value. (The file will be reported as ‘partial’ in the files information, the same as if it had hit the “large_file_timeout”.)
  • Self-test (dummy) scanner now generates a set of (deterministic/constant) hits and files data. This is useful for ensuring that the data connection from an agent to the server is functioning correctly.


Agent Age-Out


  • Server: Agent age-out (“agent_age_out” setting) system in the server purges agents which haven’t checked in for longer than the setting’s time period.
  • UI: “hide_agents_older_than” setting in the UI to hide agents which haven’t checked in for longer than the setting’s time period.


Job Started/Ended Improved


  • The server now records time job started (first agent reporting RUNNING) and time job ended.
  • Job Summary page information enhancements – job started & ended times as well as the old start/end WINDOW times.
  • Jobs list displays job started/ended times by default, rather than WINDOW times as in previous versions.


Workflow Improvements


  • Fixed default start/end window times on job clone. Previously the cloned job would have inherited it’s parent job’s window times, which resulted in a lot of “job stopped immediately because it was scheduled to finish last Thursday” confusion. Now cloned jobs have their times auto-reset to start at the current time.
  • If the contents (agents) of a job’s AgentGroups have changed since that job was created, and the job is cloned, a dialog will now appear asking about desired usage. The options are “use the groups as they were THEN” (ie, for remediation-style exact re-scans), or “use the groups as they are NOW” (ie, for setup-phase operations where the groups will be changing, agents added etc.)
  • Server now detects and properly schedules orphaned SUBMITTED jobs. (Ie, if the UI creates a job but for whatever reason is prevented from notifying the server immediately about the created job.)
  • Premature agent shutdown now correctly tells the server ‘job EXITED’ if jobs are running when the shutdown occurs. (E.g, due to the computer’s user rebooting the computer.)
  • Fixed deleting of running jobs to ensure they are aborted as well.


Misc Fixes/Improvements


  • Version numbering unified – all components (FS scanner, SQL scanner, self-test scanner, Agent, Server, Intake & UI) now report 3.6 across the board.
  • Version numbers reported on startup in all logs, agent info, and UI page footer.
  • 32-bit Application Pool informatiom & troubleshooting added to UI Deployment Manual
  • Server process handling/restarting improved.
  • UI installer ping-test error handling was broken, fixed. (“Disable ping test in ui.cfg” workaround no longer needed.)
  • WebUI checks DB version on startup, complains if DB is too old for it.
  • Misc fixes for IE8