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Performance Controls

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General Performance Controls

Below is an overview of some of the common settings you can use to control your file sizes, database usage, and scanning time. For more detailed information about scaling your deployment, see the Scaling section of the guide.

We recommend conducting pilot scans of a small number of computers to ensure that all your settings have been configured appropriately. This is to ensure that the scanner can see the files it should be seeing (e.g., it has the correct permissions) and that blacklist are functioning appropriately before you launch a full scan.

Controlling File Sizes


allowed_statuses (Scan Setting)

NOTE: Using scanned / unknown / blacklisted options will consume a large amount of DB space for mass-scan jobs. These options are intended for research / troubleshooting purposes only, and we recommend only leaving errors if you are storing statuses. Not storing these statuses will allow you to scan more computers at once, however, if you have questions about file statuses, you will need to re-scan the box specifically with the intention of getting this information.

max_hits_per_file (Scan Setting)

storage_cutoff (Server Setting)

Reducing Database Usage

max_hits_per_file (Scan Setting)

allowed_statuses (Scan Setting)

storage_cutoff (Server Setting)

Reducing Scanning time

Path/dir blacklisting
bl_dirs: Blacklists entire directories. The files blacklisted will not show up in the list of blacklisted files on Quasar.
bl_file_ext: Blacklists specific file extensions.
bl_paths: Blacklists entire paths


NOTE: Some very large files can bog the scanner down, setting the timeout will help avoid this problem. Set the timeout larger for boxes and smaller for filers. In practice, we have generally seen this option set to either 2 minutes or 45 seconds. All files that are only partially scanned will be marked as such so that these files can be followed up on, if necessary.