Protect Cardholder Data

Any organisation involved in handling credit and debit cards runs the risk of having card data build up in unanticipated and unintended places.

Card data breaches are costly to remediate and can damage your reputation, negatively affecting your bottom line.

The first step is to know where your cardholder data is, where it came from, and where it is going to. Then you can make informed decisions about what data you need to keep for your business and what data you can remove (and minimise your PCI DSS scope).

If You Don't Need It, Don't Store It

Organisations found non-compliant with CHD storage requirements by a PFI at time of breach
Organisations non-compliant with CHD storage requirements at time of breach

Minimise Risk

While insecure storage of cardholder data is not likely to be the cause of a breach, it will significantly increase the severity and cost of the breach if other controls fail.

Verizon’s Payment Security Report shows that in every case that was investigated by a PFI, cardholder data storage requirements were not being met. Across all breaches investigated, 55% of organisations were not storing cardholder data as needed for PCI DSS.

Why Quasar?

PCI DSS requires that all cardholder data (for debit and credit cards) is rendered unreadable any time it is stored. Quasar helps you find unprotected cardholder data so that you can either delete it or protect in accordance with PCI DSS.

Quasar offers Card Scanning as a Service. As part of this service, our trained analysts review your card scan results and remove any false positives before providing the reports to you. This lets you spend more time fixing the real issues rather than chasing down false positives to verify them yourself. Our analysts use contextual data and their skills acquired through years of data analysis to be able to quickly identify the findings that matter to you.

As part of our reports, we also provide recommendations for how to improve your processes to minimise the risk of more cardholder data being added to the environment.

Quasar is a quick and easy solution that can be deployed with minimal resources. We offer a range of licenses based on your size and how much you want a Quasar consultant involved.

Quasar Benefits

  • Confirm you don’t store cardholder data, letting you reduce the number of PCI requirements you have to comply with.
  • Reduce risk and liabilities by minimising the storage of “high-risk” data.
  • Demonstrate to your stakeholders and customers that you take the privacy and security of their data seriously.
  • Local consultants are available to assist with all stages including implementation, troubleshooting, training, and analysis.