Quasar Agent Deployment

Default Deployment

By default, the agent is installed on the same box as the server, and can be run “out of the box”.

A single agent can run multiple jobs concurrently.

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1. Untar the Quasar Agent tgz to /opt/quasar
mkdir /opt/quasar && cd /opt/quasar && tar xzvf quasar-agent-redhat-32bit-sysvinit.tgz

2. Edit the Agent Configuration

Go to /opt/quasar and edit the local configuration file local.cfg to set the IP address / hostname of your Quasar Server host. Quasar can use either:

  • DNS name OR
  • IP address

If you do not edit local.cfg to specify the Quasar server, connectivity will fail and the Quasar Agent will not show in the list of agents available to the Quasar Server.

Test to ensure that the Quasar Agent is able to connect to the Quasar Server:

./quasarscan-linux commtest

3. Make the Agent Executable